Book Award Bookmarks

2019- 2020 Book Award Bookmark Winners

Full List of Winners

PBA Bookmark Winner First Place
Hampton Kirby
Scranton Elementary STEAM Academy
After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again
CBA Bookmark Winner First Place
Evan Sumner
White Knoll Elementary School

1st                 2nd               3rd

1st                 2nd               3rd

JBA Bookmark Winner First Place
Khushi Ujappanalli
Riverside Middle School

YABA Bookmark Winner First Place
Jillian Barker
Sumter High School

1st                 2nd              3rd
1st                 2nd         3rd-tie     3rd-tie

Directions include: Bookmark Guidelines

1. The bookmark must represent a Book Award Nominee for the current year.
2. The bookmark must measure 2.5 inches x 8 inches and should be drawn on or attached to the Book Award Bookmark Submission Form.
3. The book title and author’s name must be on the front of the bookmark.
4. The bookmark can be created by either hand drawing or a digital program. However, all artwork must be student’s own work. Images cannot be taken from copyrighted or trademarked material (ie: Clemson Tiger, Carolina Gamecock, Pokemon, etc.) Students may also not use the images or artwork from the book’s cover. The Bookmark Contest is NOT COVERED UNDER FAIR USE GUIDELINES, therefore any images/artwork must be cited, included the student’s own, and permissions from non-student’s work must be provided.
5. The final submission of the bookmark must be on the Book Award Bookmark Submission Form or printed and attached to the form and mailed with the completed Book Award Bookmark Submission Form.
6. Media Specialist/teacher must affirm on the Book Award Bookmark Submission Form (1) that permission has been granted by the parents or guardians to use the student’s name in judging and publicizing the entry, and (2) that permission has been granted by the parents or guardians for use of the entry in SCASL publications, promotions, and products. The media specialist/teacher must keep this documentation on file.
7. A school may have multiple entries, however, only one entry per student is permitted. The bookmark submission form must be completed for each individual entry.
8. In order to identify the bookmark and assist the judges, please submit the Bookmark Submission Form with your bookmark entry. 

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow these guidelines IN FULL will disqualify the student’s entry.

Book Award Bookmarks are due February 14, 2020.  Mail to Jamie Gregory, James F. Byrnes High School, 150 E. Main St. PO Box 187, Duncan, SC 29334.

Bookmark Judging 

Please review the Book Award Bookmark Judging Rubric for specific details judges will be looking for when reviewing the bookmarks. Each bookmark will be judged on the authenticity of the art as it relates to the book as well as on the artistic quality of the bookmark. All artwork must be the original work of the student.. The bookmark must be a student project. Adult input should be advisory in nature and kept to the minimum required by the age group participating.

Certificates of participation will be available on-line to each participating school at In addition, certificates for first, second and third place in each category will be awarded at conference and a prize of $50.00 will be awarded to the first-place winner in each category. The award checks will be mailed to the school media specialist unless otherwise requested.

A school may win only one first place award but may receive other award levels. Schools may submit as many bookmarks as they would like, however, only one entry per student is permitted. One student may not co-create nor individually create more than one entry. The Bookmark Submission Form must be completed for each individual entry.


Link to the Book Award Submission Form (Please print as this form USING ACTUAL SIZE and not FIT when printing the pdf. The dimensions of the bookmark on the printout should be 2.5" by 8".  This page must be completed and sent in as your bookmark submission or with your bookmark submission.)


Updated: 27 Mar 2020