Junior Book Award
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List of Titles Activity Guides and Other Resources Winner
24-25 Nominees

24-25 JBA Brochure

24-25 JBA Slides (pdf)

24-25 JBA Slideshow

23-24 Nominees

 23-24 Activity Guides 

23-24 Brochure

23-24 Flip Grid Book Talk Video 

23-24 PowerPoint

23-24 PowerPoint (as PDF)

22-23 Nominees

22-23 Activity Guides

22-23 Brochure

22-23 PowerPoint

22-23 Book Talk Video

22-23 Best of the Rest Video

Ground Zero by Alan Gratz  
21-22 Nominees

21-22 Activity Guides

21-22 Brochure

21-22 PowerPoint

21-22 Book Talk Video (Full)

21-22 Individual Flipgrid Book Talk Videos

21-22 Authors Book Talking their Nominees

21-22 Best Of The Rest

Wildfire by Rodman Philbrick
20-21 Nominees

20-21 Activity guides (NEW: includes genre tags and state/national library standards)

 20-21 Brochure

20-21 PowerPoint

20-21 Promotional Video

Youtube playlist of book trailer videos

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter
19-20 JBA Nominees 19-20 Trailer
18-19 Activity Guide
18-19 PowerPoint
Restart by Gordon Korman
18-19 JBA Nominees

18-19 Activity Guide
18-19 Brochure
18-19 Brochure with Lexiles

Ghost by Jason Reynolds

17-18 JBA Nominees

 17-18 Activity Guide            17-18 Brochure

 Code of Honor by Alan Gratz

16-17 JBA Nominees

16-17 Activity Guide
16-17 Brochure
16-17 Presentation

The Swap a Novel
by Megan Shull
15-16 JBA Nominees

15-16 Activity Guide

Prisoner B-3087
by Alan Gratz
14-15 JBA Nominees

14-15 JBA Activity Guide


Animoto Promo by Kelly Knight

The Raft
by S. A. Bodeen
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JBA Student Participation Certificate    

Past Junior Book Award Winners


Notice: All media specialists should review all titles and add them to their collection only if the titles meet the criteria established by District Board Policy and Library Media Center Policy & Procedure guidelines. We recommend that others interested in purchasing these titles read reviews and scan materials to determine the appropriateness for their intended reader.

Updated: 23 January 2024