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The Book Award Committee is making the book award logos available to all members of SCASL. South Carolina school libraries can use SCASL logos without permission.

SCASL Logo – Color (web version) SCASL Logo (black & white) SCASL Logo (color)
Basic Book Award Logo Picture Book Award (gif) Picture Book Award (jpeg)
Children’s Book Award (high definition) Children’s Book Award (large) Children’s Book Award (small)
Junior Book Award (high definition) Junior Book Award (large) Junior Book Award (small)
Young Adult Book Award (high definition) Young Adult Book Award (large) Young Adult Book Award (small)


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Updated: 8 September 2021

Notice: All media specialists should review all titles and add them to their collection only if the titles meet the criteria established by District Board Policy and Library Media Center Policy & Procedure guidelines. We recommend that others interested in purchasing these titles read reviews and scan materials to determine the appropriateness for their intended reader.